Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pedorthist or a Pedorthic Specialist?
Pedorthist is a specialist in recommending or modifying footware, which includes shoes, orthotics or other pedorthic devices. The Pedorthic Specialist is trained  to reduce problems and reduce pain in the foot and lower limb.

What does Orthotic mean?
in relation to the foot is a shoe insert.

Do I really need a custom insole or can an off-the-shelf insole work for me?
90-95% of the time a ready made insole (or a combination of ready made products) will help you with your foot condition and pain.  That leaves a small number of people who actually need a custom made insole. We always try to help you with the most economical remedy. We also let you try the insoles in the store.

Which painful foot problems can be helped with foot health accessories?

  • Achilles Tendonitis is a burning pain in the Achilles tendon. Often heel cups will relieve the pain by elevating the heel.
  • Arch Pain can be caused by many different conditions. Many times the use orthotics with proper shoe selection can help.
  • Bunions are a deformation of the bone in the big toe joint. There are various appliances to help bring relief.  Toe crests, toe sheilds and toe caps are available.
  • Metatarsaigia is a catchall term for pain in the ball of the foot. Often orthotics or gel shoe inserts can relieve the pain by providing shock absorption and cushioning.
  • Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain can be caused by the stretching of the fibrous tissue that runs the length of the the sole of the foot. Often orthotics, heel cradles or gel shoe inserts can help with the pain. A professional can help you decide which appliance to use.

What is Shoe Modification?
Shoe Modification is required when one leg is shorter than the other. This is known as “limb length discrepancy.” Shoe Modification includes the addition of a lift to the shoe or boot. Our expertise in shoe repair allows the splitting of the sole and the addition of a lift in a very professional and neat manner. Shoe Modification helps to ease symptoms created by limb length discrepancy, such as functional scoliosis and hip, knee and ankle pain.

My doctor recommended Aetrex shoes. Why can’t you just work with my regular shoes?
Aetrex shoes are specifically designed to allow appliances to be used in them. Many times regular shoes will accept insoles and other products, but sometimes you must use Aetrex shoes to allow the use of products recommended by your foot doctor.

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